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Meet Leena

Multifaceted and creative, Leena is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, entrepreneur and a loving friend. Excelling in these roles has shaped Leena into the multi-dimensional person she is today. She’s on a mission to improve lives and make people fitter, healthier and happier. It’s what’s next that is truly the fun part, not just for her, but for those who take part in the journey with her. Welcome to her extraordinary world!  

For more than 15 years, Leena has harmonized the mind and body through fitness and exercise. Her motto in life is simple: "Healthy body, healthy mind.”  

Having been trained as a fitness instructor, in 2007 Leena started her own program aimed at empowering a variety of individuals by having them look and feel their absolute best. Her program focused on ways to alleviate body discomfort, specifically in the neck, lower back, and joints, while helping to increase endurance. Her program has been geared towards an increasingly underserved demographic: the elderly.    

Knowing she could make a lasting and meaningful difference for so many, Leena was inspired to launch a program geared towards empowering individuals through positive transformation for our collective well-being.  Ever since, Leena has been on a path of creating healthy communities in her home state of New Jersey. This naturally led her to found BluZone, a digitally-driven exercise platform that provides live and on-demand workouts for people of all ages and fitness levels, from the comforts of their homes.  

Leena has been instrumental in helping transform the lives of many individuals, and it's been her passion to make groundbreaking positive changes in others' lives - changes that contribute to a better quality of life. Hear what some of her happy clients say about her here to read.    

Leena is convinced that the BluZone program will help you achieve long-term positive outcomes in a short period of time.   

Being a part of one's path to a healthy lifestyle is an enlightening experience.  ​


Inspired by the term “Blue Zone” – which refers to regions where people have low rates of chronic disease and live longer lives. 

It is the goal of BluZone, an exercise program for the young-at-heart, to bring more American communities into the Blue Zone, by promoting physical and mental wellness and a healthy lifestyle. From boosting metabolism, to increasing flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance to  reducing the likelihood of chronic diseases, exercise has many benefits. But, BluZone goes even further. We focus on giving seniors the ability to maintain their personal independence, while incorporating specialized exercises for those who suffer from joint pain and stiffness. 

After all, a healthy body starts with healthy habits. When it comes to building new habits, where do you start? There’s always a never ending stream of recommendations from the “experts”. It is often confusing and intimidating. How do you know what’s right for you? That’s where we fit in. We’re keeping it simple, because it’s based on what works for you.

The digital platform will transform your room into a gym. You can participate virtually using your mobile device, tablet, television, laptop or desktop, from the comfort of your home. Our Live sessions and On-demand videos include posture correction exercises recommended for individuals with osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic discomfort specifically in the neck, lower back, and joints. The program includes a gentle warm-up, some aerobic movement, muscle toning/strengthening segment and a stretch cool-down segment. The format is adjusted to include the option of using chairs to remain seated during the class. Use of equipment is highly recommended during the sessions. Tools such as hand held weights, resistance bands, weighted balls are suggested for use during class to contract muscles to build strength and anaerobic endurance.

With our simple-to-understand and affordable price plans, potential customers can easily pick the package that best suits their requirements.

Our mission is to create a community that helps promote a balanced lifestyle and nurtures a sense of belonging. 

We look forward to seeing you as a member of the BluZone Community!

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