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Cedar Grove Public Library

Leena’s Senior Strength Training Classes on Zoom have been a hit since we started them at the onset of COVID. Prior to that her in-house classes were also very popular. We receive many compliments about the instructor’s knowledge, her caring approach and how she goes the extra distance to ensure her classes are worthwhile to her participants. Moreover, she conducts her class in an interactive manner and encourages feedback from all. Leena is truly an asset to our library’s programming."

Francine F.

Nutley, NJ

Leena Kalle is welcoming and friendly to class participants. She understands and explains the exercise needs of seniors. She describes parts of the body affected by exercises and suggests alternatives if needed. Classes are well paced!"

Camille G.

Summit, NJ

I have been participating in Leena’s classes for about a year. I can’t say enough how motivating and helpful Leena is, how caring and professional!

I enjoy and always look forward to the next exercise experience with her. She has a wonderful, calm and uplifting personality. She explains and demonstrates the exercises so precisely and thoroughly that it’s very easy to follow.

Leena spent her own time, outside of the class, to look into and to get answers on my personal situation, providing handouts and recommendations.

I also appreciate her good vibes and a warm smile!
It’s a pleasure to have her in my life!"

Rita K

Cedar Grove, NJ

Strength training with Leena has helped my body get stronger. During the class, Leena provides instructions that are clear, helpful, and identifies the body part that is being strengthened or stretched. On days when I wake with pain in my body, I look forward to her class because I know that the exercises will lessen the pain. She also explains how to modify a position if needed. I highly recommend her zoom classes to anyone with all levels of ability."

Linda L.

West Orange, NJ

I have been attending Leena’s Strength Training classes for many years. Her classes are varied, because she is always adding new exercises, so it’s never boring. Thanks to Leena, I feel that my body has become so much stronger and healthier. I heartily recommend joining her classes!"

Joan P.

Cedar Grove, NJ

I thoroughly enjoy Leena’s Strength training classes and know that I have benefited from her training. Leena is a real professional, and an exceptional teacher. She explains the “why” we do the exercises, and works at a good pace so we can follow easily. She is a delightful person and gives positive feedback as we work. I look forward to each class."

Jane B.

Summit, NJ

Leena’s class, Strength Training for seniors, is great! I have been participating in her virtual classes for several months, and I look forward to each session. Leena is a wonderful teacher. She gives clear, well-paced instructions as she leads exercises for the whole body, from head to toe. She is sensitive to the varying needs of individuals in the class, and suggests modifications to make a given exercise less challenging for those who need it, while still benefiting the target muscles. Not least among Leena’s attributes are her pleasant, clear, well-modulated voice and her calm demeanor."

Marlene L.

Cedar Grove, NJ

Leena's Strength Training is an excellent class for seniors. She is a caring person who comes up with a new routine each week and they are all fun. We have been attending her classes for five years. We are both in our 80's and they have certainly helped our fitness."

Lou and Pat F.

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